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Thank you for your interest in a Tom Simmons Original hand tailored cycle seat. I am Tom Simmons and I established TS Custom Sales in 1972. I hand craft each seat I build. Total comfort can't be gained through mass production. If you are ready to get serious about your body’s total comfort while riding a motorcycle, and are wondering where to turn, here is your answer. Turn to a Tom Simmons Orignal.
  About the driver's seat...  
The driver’s seat can be lowered up to 4 1/2 inches, making a driver with a 26” inseam become flat-footed on the ground. The seat can also be made 3 to 4 inches narrower at the nose for added comfort, if needed. The back (saddle) portion of the driver’s seat can be made to a height of 9 to 12 inches...which can eliminate the need for a driver’s back rest in some instances. For those who would still prefer a backrest, I do offer a fully adjustable (up and down/back and forth), built-in, but removable driver’s backrest. It folds down, out of the way of a mounting passenger and comes with a removable bag on the back for the passenger’s use. This backrest comes with a full lumbar and kidney support. The saddle position of the driver seat can be moved forward or, up to 3 inches backward to place the driver in a comfortable relation to the handlebars. Your arm and leg length can create cramps that can now be eliminated by this custom-modification. Now, about my built-in back rest for the driver! It is made of stainless steel and is fully adjustable. It adjusts up and down from 1 to 5 inches and has back and forth tilt capabilities. The backrest pad is a generous 15+ inches wide and 10 inches tall. It can be tailor-made to fit your back. It comes with side support for your kidneys and a lumbar support for the lower center of your back. On the backside of the backrest (facing the passenger) is a matching detachable bag. The backrest is completely detachable (see photo) and does not have a tubular frame around the driver’s seat for the passenger to have to try to “set around”. Other add-on backrests, such as Drag and Markland brands, with such tubular framework can cause severe pain for the passenger, since setting sprawled around the framework is not a natural, nor a comfortable sitting position.
  About the passenger's seat...  
The passenger can be lowered up to 3 1/2 inches to help avoid the wind and to lower their body to the center of gravity allowing better bike control. The nose (front) of the passenger seat can be narrowed as much as 6 inches if necessary for leg comfort. The width and height of the back of the seat can be altered for individual comfort making for longer, more pleasant traveling. The passenger can also enjoy the comfort of having a backrest customed to their needs. Proper pad height, width and slope accompanied by a lumbar system placed in the correct position can mean the difference in agony and a longer, more enjoyable ride. The full side supports extending to 4 1/2 inches on either side for full kidney support gives the passenger an extra plus. When the passenger has their back wrapped in this type of comfort (especially that lower back), they can enjoy the benefit even when they crawl off after their long, but happy day of traveling. Some think that this type seat would refrain you from free movement. You are still free to move around in my seat, however you will find little reason to. Your newfound comfort eliminates your constant need of repositioning yourself in search of comfort. My saddle seat also puts the weight of the driver lower to the ground, lowering the center of gravity that gives you much more control around curves and around town.
  About the Styles and Colors...  
I offer velour seats in any color and style. I also do two-toned seats sewn in contrasting threads. I will send color samples upon request and can color-match custom paints in most cases. These rich looking seats have inserts of the very same velour found in the newer Cadillac’s and Lincolns, with front, back and sides still in our top quality Naugahyde, and the velour inserted in the saddled portion of the seat is a blend of Dacron and polyester. This wears like Naugahyde but offers a comfort and coolness that the cloth automobile seats have been bringing us for years. The seat remains water-resistant and the insert is conditioned with DuPont waterproofing to repel water. We do recommend additional waterproofing treatments every 6 months, depending on your cycle seat’s use. We have been manufacturing the velour seat since 1980 and find that 99% of the riders choose the comfort and elegance of our velour seat.
  About the Makes and models...  
I can tailor a saddle seat for all makes and sizes of cycles. I will tailor your seat on your original seat pan. I do have stock seats for most bikes that can be rebuilt and exchanged with your seat, so you don’t loose riding time. A deposit is required for this exchange. I use 60 - 120 lb density urethane foam with memory. The trim is made genuine Naugahyde - marine quality (the best there is) and our thread is UV treated Dacron. Leather is also available. I offer rain covers, customed to your seat, for those unexpected showers during your riding time and those frequent trips to the bike wash. It really helps in keeping the cat off the seat!